Read what some of our patients have to say about the positive benefits of chiropractic treatment for their various conditions.

“I was living in a state of constantly nagging neck and back pain and discomfort until I received a series of treatments from Dr. Bozicevic at Dobson Lakes Family Chiropractic. My stiff neck and lingering back pain are gone, and I was taught what to do to keep them from recurring!” – Frank P. – Mesa

“I began seeing Dr. Bozicevic after my husband went as a result of a back injury. We also took our 6 month old son. It was one of the best choices we’ve made as parents. Now two and a half years old he’s never had an ear infection and rarely gets sick. The benefits of chiropractic are endless! ” – Jennifer F. – Chandler, AZ

“My daughter came to your ofice first with an injured rotator cuff. Treatment by several other chiropractors was not successfull and a general surgeon suggested surgery. Fortunately, she came to you before making a decision on the surgery, and after several months of treatment, the full use of her shoulder was restored. Next, my wife developed an intense muscle spasm that inhibited her every movement. Following our daughter’s recommendation, she visited your office. After a few weeks of treatment by you and your staff, her muscle spasm was relieved. Finally in my own case, I suffered for several months from a pain in my hip. Most important, the pain significantly inhibited my golf game. First, I went to a medical doctor, who diagnosed a muscle inflammaion and prescribed an anti-inflammatory drug. I took the drug for two months. The pain was not relieved. Following my daughter’s and my wifes suggestions, I made an appointment with your office. Your diagnosis was that the origin of the pain was based in the spine. After several weeks of chiropractic manipulation by you and massage therapy by Chelsea, my hip pain was relieved. Thanks again for applying your professional knowledge and expertise to restore our health, and for the cheerful personal demeanor exhibited by both your and your staff.” – William W.